Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Ned Scott Archive

A few years ago I received an e-mail from Norm Scott regarding some of the pictures from the "G.I. Joe movie" I had posted on this blog.   Norm's Dad, Ned Scott was the photographer for the movie "Ernie Pyles Story of G.I. Joe".  Since that time Norm and I have been sharing photo's with one another of the movie.

Here is a copy of a recent e-mail I received from Norm about his Dad Ned Scott, the photographer for the G.I. Joe movie:

"Hello, Chet,

Here is a warm photograph of my dad.  Peter Stackpole took this shot in 1940 at Ned's house on Mesa Road in the Santa Monica Canyon.  
Ned Scott

I have posted an image in Flickr which shows Beulah and Dottie standing by a jeep in G.I. Joe.  People are looking at it, so one might think that some of Beulah's family (if not Beulah herself) are visiting.  Maybe something will come out of that.  Wait and see.

Thanks for the nice help on promoting the Ned Scott story.  Very appreciative.



Norm Scott has put together a fantastic website featuring Ned Scott's (Norm's Dad) photographic work in Hollywood.  Norm was kind enough to mention my Dad's name and the photo's that my Dad was in.

Please check out Norm's work by clicking on the following link:

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