Monday, December 31, 2012

Photo by Ned Scott

The attached picture and statement below are from Ned Scott's son Norm,  who found this BLOG through an internet search.  I appreciate Norm for sharing this photo and I look forward to posting more of Ned Scott's research on this BLOG.

"I am Ned Scott's son.  I am doing research all the time on his Hollywood career which spanned the years 1935-48.  I think G.I. Joe is one of the most significant films he worked.  I have fortunately been able to find extra material about the film, something which I cannot say about other films he worked.  I have read Wellman's autobiography, "A Short Time for Insanity", and I have read Ernie's book. "Here is Your War".  I have also read Lee Miller's book about Ernie's life and career, "An Ernie Pyle Album".  Though nothing is ever mentioned about Ned, there are important references to the film, and to my great satisfaction, some good photos.  Wellman said it best, "I want to make this the gaddamndest most honest picture that has ever been made about the doughfoot."  And this comes from someone who has already made a great war film, "Wings" (pilots in WWI, for which he received an oscar."  

Note:  There is a man standing in the back center of this photo that I believe is my Dad "Pappy" Nowlen.  Dad was always camera shy because there are other photos where you can tell he was trying to hide his face as you can only see half his face.  He tends to stand behind someone else and example of this is the picture of the cast and crew standing in the chow line.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Robert Mitchum

My Dad became close friends and drinking buddies during the filming of "Story of G.I. Joe".  I was impressed that Robert remembered my Dad as he called my Dad on the phone one Sunday afternoon back in the 70's.  Robert had just filming a moving in Mississippi and his cast bus was stopped at a truck stop in Lake Village, Arkansas where my Dad lived at the time. Robert has always been one of my favorite actors one of my favorites is the "River of No Return" co-starring Marilyn Monroe.  Below are some pictures from the movie.